Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453
Istanbul within Istanbul Ağaoğlu is building a new Istanbul within Istanbul through the most distinguished architectural project of Europe: Maslak 1453. Towers, terrace-homes and office blocks... The project is designed to be a complete living center. Cadde 1453, squares, restaurants and cafes will offer you a new-found love of Istanbul. It is also a profitable project for the investors, where the rent will pay off their investments in no time.
Eclipse Maslak
Where Business and Life Meets

Eclipse Maslak offers you premium comfort and qualities that will make you feel over the moon, and focus only on your goals and life. Eclipse Maslak is for those with a wide vision... It offers specially designed areas for business goals, state-of-the-art offices and workplaces. Everything you need is offered in a professional, meticulous and high quality sense of service. Because, those who are in the center of the world, build a world around themselves.