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Transportation element in residential sales in metropoles, what is the primary criteria?

Today, buying a house is as important as buying a way of life. In metropoles like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, where the large majority of the population is located, location is uniquely important when buying a house, especially for residential purpose instead of investment.

Closeness to subways, metrobuses, street cars, beltways, airports, fast ferries and ferry ports as well as shopping centers for the basic needs is preferred.

Questions that would make buying a real estate easier?

Buying a real estate is a hard decision to make. And it is a costly one... There are some key questions that would help you determine your criteria and make a decision so that you would not have any regrets later. When you ask these questions to yourself and your real estate consultant, the right answers will shorten your decision process and make it easier.

Here are some of these key questions:

•   Is it the right time to invest in real estate?

•   Are you buying a real estate for residential or investment purposes?

•   If your decision is based on investment, are you aiming for high rental value or high profit in a short time?

•   Is the real estate located in a place that would provide high profit?

•   Is it located in an area that would draw big investors and gain high value in short and medium term?

•   As hospitals, universities and public buildings would promote development, does your preferred locations has that kind of structuring?              

•    Is it in a location that does not have a development problem?  

  Was the land survey conducted to ensure that the building is in line with the earthquake regulations? Was the result positive?

• Were the materials used in construction and interior decoration of good quality?